Reviva will offer a charming destination for activity and retreat groups, with our venue able to host a wide range of groups.

Whether you’re a high energy boot-camp crowd or seeking calm and tranquillity to internally ‘reset’ through yoga and meditation, we will offer you and your group a friendly welcome.


Comprehensive gym with free weights, racks, resistance machines, and cardio equipment

A light and versatile studio space, equipped with Pilates reformers, and abundant floor space for yoga and barre work

Large outdoor swimming pool

Calm spaces for group talks, discussion, meditation etc.

Lush outdoor spaces, for activities or relaxation

“Wake up, breathe joy, inhale life in bloom.”

— Elena Paolino, “Valencia in Bloom”


Guests will be able to rest and relax in our 10-15 accessible and spacious en-suite rooms. All rooms will be designed to provide the same level of comfort for guests, whether traveling solo, as a couple, for friends sharing, or those sharing with other group members. Bathrooms will be spacious with walk-in rain showers and double vanity units.


All meals can be provided by the nutritious on-site catering service, with individual dietary requirements taken care of. All produce will be fresh, local, high quality, and of course, delicious. Collaborative menus will be a key fixture, ensuring each group has their diet matched with the overall goals of their stay.


Guests can relax and unwind in our spa, with facilities inspired by some of Europe’s finest spa hotels. Guests will have access to:

Dry sauna

Steam dome with treatment schedule

Infrared relaxation loungers

Therapy and treatment rooms

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

– Jim Rohn


Minimising environmental impact is an absolute must for Reviva. As part of our wellbeing mission, we will commit to minimal consumption and waste, working with local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint, saving energy and promoting ethical sourcing. We believe this eco-friendly approach will not compromise our guests’ experience in any way.


Valencia and its metropolitan area has a warm-temperate subtropical climate, with mild winters and warm to hot summers.

Winter (Dec-Feb): Average daytime temp. of 17°C

Summer (Jun-Aug): Average daytime temp. of 28-30°C

Spring (Mar-May) and Autumn (Sep-Nov): Average daytime temp. of 24°C

Sunshine: Valencia enjoys one of the most optimal number of hours of daylight in Europe, with around 2,700 hours per year (compared to only 1,500 in Northern Europe).

Rain: On average only 46 rainy days per year


Purposely located in a rural and serene setting in the extensive Valencia countryside, the accommodation and facilities at Reviva will allow people to disconnect from busy daily lives. Reviva will become your private escape, a temporary new home amidst scenic surroundings, where guests will want to return to again and again.

Nearby airports include Valencia and Alicante, two of Spain’s most popular international airports. With the affluent areas of Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Majorca on close proximity, Reviva will thrive in a truly accessible location.

*Map shown for reference purposes only


Whether you’re a fitness trainer, a Pilates or yoga instructor, a life coach, or anyone connected to physical and mental health, we want to share Reviva with you. We’re creating opportunities for you to widen your professional horizon by utilising our concept. As an investor, you can be a part of our journey.

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