“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”-

-Mahatma Gandhi


Wellness tourism combines two industries both flourishing in new ways as the world adapts to change. Knowing that travellers value quality, authenticity, individuality and sustainability more than ever, Reviva is taking note of an increasing desire for transformative experiences by offering a route to improving your individual strength.


Projected annual growth
of wellness tourism
2020 – 2025

Global Wellness Institute


Increased average
spend of wellness

vs. typical international tourist (2020)

$919 billion

Estimated total
value of wellness



Of us are working
on goals tied to

American Express

Amex Trendex Report: Consumers prioritising wellness and mental health with their time, money and travel plans read here

Global Wellness Economy : Looking beyond Covid-19 read here


Wellness travellers are not a small or elite group, they are vast, diverse and powerful in their decision-making. Reviva wants to join them on their search for growth by offering a gloriously equipped and guided environment in which they can succeed.


Whether you’re a fitness trainer, a Pilates or yoga instructor, a life coach, or anyone connected to physical and mental health, we want to share Reviva with you. We’re creating opportunities for you to widen your professional horizon by utilising our concept. As an investor, you can be a part of our journey.

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