We’ve executed details and focused analysis round revenues and cost projections. We’ve aligned all financial research with trends in the wellness tourism industry that we recognise as both lucrative and current.

Our diverse and successful experience within the financial sector means that we understand how to undertake, understand and present our findings. High-level financial projections for both a conservative and improved outlook have been captured and are available for you to consider


We’ll be taking a fully organic approach to promoting our destination. By utilising our growing partner network, we want to move in an exclusive, community-focused direction.

Recommendations and referrals are a powerful tool when it comes to travel. That’s why we invite our partners to experience an incentive stay as individuals or in a group setting. Aligned with this is an optimised web and social media presence to continuously drive new business into our partner network.


Now that we’ve laid out the important surface details on both our marketing and finance, we’d love for you to take a closer look at our thorough planning.

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