We’re here to enable activity and community groups, friends and colleagues to be welcomed into a world that promotes shared experiences. Through physical fitness, mental health awareness and general wellbeing, it’s our aim to care for, educate and whole-heartedly align with our guests. Now all we need is you to help us to do it.



Hello, I’m Ian. I’m a well-travelled and friendly Northerner who’s spent over 22 years working in financial services around the world. From understanding people and processes to implementing new technologies and infrastructure, I have vast and varied professional experience.

Personally, I know just how important both physical and mental health can be. That’s precisely why I feel so passionate about this project. The opportunities we can provide for people’s bodies and minds are abundant and I want to share this with like-minded partners, investors and guests.


Relevant experience:

  • UK Ltd Company director experience (1) (2)+ Singapore Ltd Company director experience (3) (4)
  • 17+ years professional project experience in financial services
  • 13+ years personal project management experience, across property rental and development
  • Airbnb Superhost for 9+ years
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Spanish speaker


If you’d like to chat more feel free to contact me via the WhatsApp link, the contact page, LinkedIn, or even better in person.



Hi there, my name’s Gabrielle. I’m originally from Wales and similar to Ian, have also enjoyed a successful career working in financial services for a variety of leading banks in international locations. This includes time in Singapore where I met Ian, our co-founder. Having worked tirelessly for over a decade, I experienced burnout in my thirties as a result of neglecting my wellbeing. This totally shifted my outlook on life and work. I can’t wait to help others realign or refresh themselves.


    Relevant experience:

  • 14+ years professional project experience in financial services
  • 14+ years personal project management experience, across property rental and development
  • Personal interests across a range of physical fitness activities including athletics, boxing, hiking, skiing…you get the picture!


If you want to talk, please drop me a message via LinkedIn, email or the contact form. Any London-based people feel free to contact Ian and I for a coffee and informal chat about Reviva.


Whether you’re a fitness trainer, a Pilates or yoga instructor, a life coach, or anyone connected to physical and mental health, we want to share Reviva with you. We’re creating opportunities for you to widen your professional horizon by utilising our concept. As an investor, you can be a part of our journey.

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